"A great project, more than just a robot toy, a learning tool for our workshops, everything you need to have fun and learn about technology.

One of the best, open source education projects. A robot that anyone can build! for sure compared to other small robots it is the best.

Thanks for the adventure!"

Ariel Lima 🤖
Havana, Cuba

"This is one of the best DIY, opensource projects I have seen. I printed the parts, bought the electronics, downloaded the code, and it all just worked. 

I built one of the robots for a project, for my daughters' school. It was very easy, and the documentation is great. 

I already have some other projects in mind for this. Great Job! projects like this should be supported."

Joshua Bray 🥳
Florida, United States

"Customer service is AMAZING, on time shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!

It's a great project: open, and with a lot of people in the community.

Awesome STEM project for younger audiences!

I honestly can't recommend them enough."

Laura Cesaro 🥰
Milan, Italy

"Otto has been just perfect to teach and learn about robotics, design, 3D printing. it's a complete solution, gotta love this little one. 

I actually had to order this from overseas as our local shops don't seem to stock anything similar. 

Shipping was a breeze, with very affordable prices, many items are even free of delivery!"

Leonel González 🤗
Buenos Aires, Argentina

our Mission

Otto DIY Mission is to enable anyone in the world, teachers, parents, kids makers, leaders and anyone interested in robots to connect, learn and share knowledge. A new revolution, that empowers anyone in the world to successfully build their own robot; through the use of open source hardware, accessible technology, free education and an amazing community, the Otto Builders.

about the Creator

Camilo Parra Palacio

Founder & Designer of Otto DIY

Hi! i am Camilo Parra Palacio, the Founder and Designer of Otto DIY. I am a Product Design Engineer with big love for robots.

While designing Otto in 2015 I realized that is not that difficult to make a robot, once you have the right tools and parts in front of you. I created Otto so that anyone can build robots.

We are in the Czech Republic, the center of Europe, where the term "Robot" and the best opensource 3D printer were created. With your help our team is growing! and we will accomplish this Mission of making robotics accessible to everyone in the world, welcome to the Otto Builder community!

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